Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dump- Dell Service center in Rourkela Alternative

Are you looking for Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dump ? Do you want a working Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dump file to repair your dell laptop ? Is your Dell Inspiron 5555 bios outdated ? Do you want to update your Dell Inspiron 5555 bios to the latest version ? Is your Dell Inspiron 5555 bios password protected and you want to remove the bios password ?

If any of the above situations relate to you , then you are at the right place. In this article, we will share with you the latest and working Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dump which you can use to repair your dell laptop. If the said bios file does not match with your motherboard, then you can email me your existing bios dump file and I will try to fix it for you.

Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dumpTo use this Dell Inspiron 5555 bios dump file, you will need a Bios programmer . The ideal way to do this is to remove your bios chip from the motherboard with the help of SMD  rework station ( Hot air Gun ) and then connect it to your programmer according to the pinouts. Open your bios programming software and select your Bios Chip. Once the programmer has identified your bios chip, the first think you must do is make a back up of your bios file before doing anything else. Once done, erase all the data on the bios and then write the bios dump file which you have downloaded from our website.

If you are in or around rourkela, odisha, then you can personally visit us at our laptop service center in rourkela and we will do our best to help you out with all your laptop related issues. At Techfix we are well equipped to resolve and repair all models of dell laptop. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable alternative to dell service center in rourkela, then Techfix is your answer.

Laptop Motherboard Repair in Rourkela – Cost & Warranty

Are you looking for a reliable laptop motherboard repair in Rourkela ? Is your laptop malfunctioning or not working at all ? Do you suspect that your laptop motherboard is faulty and you want it to be repaired rather than replaced ? Are you in search of a cheap laptop motherboard repair shop in rourkela, that knows how to fix dead motherboards ?

Well if any of the above relates to you, you are at the right place. In this article we will discuss about Laptop Motherboard Repair in Rourkela, costs, warranty and possible locations within rourkela where you can get your laptop motherboard serviced and repaired .

Motherboard is a crucial component of your laptop . All peripherals like display screen , CPU, graphics, RAM, keyboard etc are plugged into the motherboard and all of them sync with each other to provide optimum results.

How to know if your motherboard is faulty ?

laptop motherboard repair rourkelaWell unless you are professionally trained to diagnose a laptop, it would be very difficult for you to tell in a certain way if your laptop motherboard is faulty or not.  Laptop service like us are equipped with modern equipment that helps us find out the actual health of your laptop motherboard. We strongly suggest that unless you know your stuff, do not ever try to open and inspect the laptop motherboard on your own, you could damage your laptop beyond repair.  If is doubt please call 9437371234 if you are in or around Rourkela, Odisha and we can guide you.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop motherboard in Rourkela ?

Unless until a through diagnosis is done, it almost impossible to talk about the actual cost it would incur for a laptop motherboard repair job. If its minor jobs like loose connectors, or shorted mosfet or capactior, then this can be fixed for less than Rs 500. If the condition is worse and requires change of Integrated circuits it could cost you upto 3000-4000 as well. It could take anywhere between few hours to a couple of days to repair a laptop motherboard. If the replacement IC is not readily available then it could take  a few more days.

If you are in or around rourkela and is looking for a genuine laptop motherboard repair center, head over to Techfix for prompt solution for all your laptop repair needs.


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Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela – Price & Replacement Tips

Want to know all the options available for Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela  ? In this Article we share all the information about Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela and also what precautions one should take to make sure laptop keyboard keep working for a longer period.

When to go for Laptop Keyboard Repair ?

When some or all keys on your laptop keyboard is not working, its time to go for a laptop keyboard repair service. Please consult a certified technician before you purchase a laptop keyboard because if all the keys are not working, it could well be a case of faulty I/O controller chip. Its best to get it diagnosed properly before making any decision. If your keyboard works at the Bios level but not on windows then it is a software issue which can be solved very easily without the need of any kind of keyboard repair.

What is the cost for Laptop Keyboard Repair ? 

The cost of laptop keyboard repair could be anywhere in between 200 to 1600. If it is just a key or two that are stuck or not functioning properly then in most cases it can be repaired under Rs 300. If the keyboard needs to replaced with a new compatible laptop keyboard then it can cost somewhere around 1000 to 1600 depending on the laptop model.

Where to go for laptop keyboard replacement or repair ?

You can visit us at our store . Techfix is centrally located in city of rourkela. so it is easily reachable from all corners of the city. Our laptop repairing centre address is as :
laptop keyboard repairTechFix
Shop No : BS-37
Ispat Central Market
Sector -19
Near SBI bank
Contact Number : 9437371234


What are the tips to maintain your Laptop Keyboard ?

If you use your laptop at home or at office for a long time regularly then it is always a good idea to attached a USB external keyboard. This way you can preserve your laptop internal keyboard for a very long time and use it when needed. Laptop keyboards are prone to wear and tear. Always ensure that dust do not accumulate inside and beneath your keys which could result in non-functional or stuck keys. And lastly never spill any kind of liquid on your laptop keyboard. No water, no coffee, no cola nothing  on your laptop keyboard if you want to keep your laptop keyboard to function properly.

Laptop Screen Repair in Rourkela – Tips & Information

Are in in search of information about Laptop Screen Repair in Rourkela ?  You are at the right place.

In this article , we will cover the following things :

  • About Laptop Screen and its various types
  • Causes of Laptop screen Damage
  • What are the options for Laptop Screen Repair
  • Cost for Laptop Screen Repair
  • How to protect your laptop screen from damage

About Laptop Screen Laptop screen is the most delicate part of your laptop. It also also one of the primary section of your laptop which allows you to see all the visual information .

Laptop screens comes in various size but the most common size is 15.6 inches and 14.1 inches.There are laptop models which use small screen of 10 inches as well. The laptop screen size if measured diagonally just incase you are confused.  There are basically two types of display screen used on laptops and they are LCD and LED screens. LED display screen in laptops consume very less power as compared to LCD and are much more brighter .  Modern laptops mostly use LEDs as displays screen.

laptop screen repair

Causes of Laptop Screen Damage : Being one of the delicate part of the laptop, screens are prone to damage. The most common cause of laptop screen failure is physical damage. It’s no surprise that laptops screen can get cracked, broken on the event of laptop slipping from the hand or falling from the table or desk. Mishandling like putting pressure on top of the laptop can cause horizontal and vertical lines on your screen or turn some part of your screen completely pinkish. Sometimes power surge can also damage the internal components of the laptop screens. If you are getting DIMM display then most probably your backlight is damaged.

laptop screen replacementScreen Repair Options – The most easiest option is to replace the laptop screen , however we must first try to understand the reason for display failure. If it is a physical damage to screen. we need to find our how much damage has been done and check whether any other parts like screen panel of hinge has been affected or not. If there is no physical damage to the screen , then one must check whether the display cable is faulty or not. Another thing that much be diagnosed is the motherboard which could possibly be faulty as well thus resulting and inadequate signals  sent to the display screen.

How much will it cost to change laptop screen ?

Laptop screen replacement can cost anywhere between 2500 to 4000 depending on the type and size of the laptop screen. It could cost less if is it just the display connector or some motherboard issue. Please visit our store for proper diagnosis.

Here are some of the Laptop screen Protection tips which can help you save your laptop screen from getting damaged.

  • Avoid liquid  spillage on your laptop. It could short circuit your motherboard
  • Always use special bags meant for carrying laptop, they have cushion to protect your device.
  • Use power surge protector or verify your electrical for any loose connections. Sparks can cause sudden spike in current which is harmful for your laptop.
  • Be careful when using laptop on desk , often the connected laptop adapter wire gets strangled in your leg and as a result the laptop is pulled down and falls on the floor. This has happened with so many customers.
  • Keep your laptop vents clean to reduce the hear generated inside your laptop to save your sensetive components from getting burnt.
  • Never sit or put anything heavy on top of your laptop. This could damage the liquid crystal display on your laptop.

I hope these tips will help you keep your laptops in better condition. If your laptop screen is already damaged and you live in or around rourkela, feel free to call 9437371234 for guidance.


Asus service center in Rourkela Sector 2

Are you trying to locate an Asus service center in Rourkela Sector 2 ? Is your laptop not running as it should and you believe that your laptop requires a professional diagnosis from a certified laptop repair engineer  ? Are you looking for a asus laptop service center that is affordable and reliable ?

If any of the things mentioned above somehow relates to you, then you are at the right place and I would suggest you to continue to read further for appropriate and helpful information regarding Asus service center in Rourkela.

The fact is that there is no Asus service center in Rourkela Sector 2 or nearby. But, there is a good news for you, at Techfix, we repair all kinds of Asus Laptop at a very nominal price.

Asus service center in Rourkela

Techfix is a multi-brand laptop repairing center in rourkela. Our service engineer will look after your laptop with utmost care and fix all your problems within the time-frame advised by the engineer or technician.

Techfix is known for its unmatched service quality and transparent pricing structure. No matter what kind of problem you are facing with asus laptop, we can provide you with the best possible solution to bring the device back to working condition. Some of the most common issues faced by users of Asus Laptops are as follows :

  • Asus Laptop Running very slow
  • Laptop is not starting on
  • Laptop Stuck on Boot
  • Laptop Hinge has broken
  • Laptop RTC clock Failure
  • Asus Laptop getting hot very quickly
  • Laptop screen not working
  • Asus Laptop restarts randomnly
  • Laptop fan not spinning or spinning always at very high speed
  • Laptop beeps several times on booting.
  • Asus laptop display very DIMM
  • and many more …

Techfix laptop Repairing store in Rourkela is located at the heart of the city, so if you live in sector 2 or nearby area, you can reach their asus service center in less than 10 minutes. Alternately you also call us at 9437371234 and we assist you .