Asus X401U Asus X501U Bios Bin File – Laptop Repair Rourkela

Laptop Brand – Asus

Laptop Model – X401U / X501U

Motherboard Part Number – N40MB1801

Revision – 3

You can download and use this X401U / X501U Bios Dump bin file for repairing laptop for cases like dead laptop, laptop not powering on, no power laptop, laptop reboot loop, laptop stuck on logo, laptop no display error, laptop beep on power on, laptop shutdown in 30 minutes, laptop fan spinning, laptop black screen and many other common issues.

It is very important to make a backup of your  Asus X401U Bios Bin file before you try to do any kind of laptop bios updating or editing.  Always make sure that your motherboard number and not just the laptop model name matches with the bios file otherwise it will not work.

Asus X401U -Asus X501U Bios bin File Download