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Top 10 Dell Service Center in Odisha – Rourkela Laptop Repair

rourkela dell laptop repair

This article provides information about top 10 Dell Service Center in Odisha. Dell service centers are growing each year across Odisha , however accurate information about its current address and contact number is not available easily. So you must continue to read till the end to know all about the Top 10 Dell Service Center in Odisha.
Dell is a very reputed and established company when it comes to computers and laptops. Service centers are essential part of a industry which allows them provide quick and adequate after sales support.
Just like in any other industry, there are reasonable service center and then there are few who are extremely good in terms of service and quality. We did all the hard work for you and have shortlisted only the best dell service center in Odisha.
dell service center

2.  GSM Solutions
Gandhi Nagar Para Jalaram Compelx Stall No – 3
In Front f Fishery Office Sambalpur road Balangir Orissa IN 767001

3. Pradhan Electronics
Asis Plaza
OT Road,Near Andhra Bank main Branch Balasore Orissa IN 756001

4. BM Enterprises
Roxy road,
Near Ambica hotel, Dist: Mayurbhanj Baripada Orissa IN 757001

5. Micro Computers
Thana chhak,
Nayabazar, Bhadrak Orissa IN 756100

6. Hara Agency
Plot No-74, In front of Venus INN
Bapuji Nagar Bhubaneshwar Orissa IN 751009

7. Panda Mobitech
Mahavirpara, Near Akhila Press,
Satyam Cinema Hall Road, Bhwanipatna Orissa IN 766001


9. Smart Service
New UBI Bank at Badabazzar,
Jagatsinghpur Orissa IN 754103

10. Sreevani Traders
New Colony, 1st Line(Hotel Trupti line),
Upstair building of andhra bank, 1st floor, Rayagada Orissa IN 765001


If you are in Rourkela, you may visit Techfix Rourkela for a fast and professional diagnosis of your laptop.

Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 – TechFix Laptop Repair Center

Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7? Well this a common problem with Dell laptops. Dell users are prone to touchpad issue with windows 7 as their operating system. In this article we will try to help you find the cause of Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 and how also to resolve it.

dell laptop service center rourkela

Touchpad is an integral and important part of a laptop and without it, you won’t be able to work on your laptop properly. Although you can attach an external usb mouse and temporarily manage until your Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 is not fixed, but it is not always feasible to carry the usb or wireless mouse with you in every time.

While there could be several reasons why your Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7, and its impossible to list them all, we will share with our readers, the most common causes for failure of Dell touch pad in Windows 7

The first thing we need to do is to figure out whether it is a software related issue or and hardware failure. The easiest way to do so go to boot into safe-mode and see if your dell Touchpad works properly or not.  If it does, then we can now be sure that is an Windows 7 issue. If the touchpad does not work even in safe mode,the next step is to reboot your laptop and access your BIOS on boot.  If the Dell touchpad works fine in BIOS but not once you boot to windows 7 then it is quite evident that it is an driver or compatibility issue.

By now we should be pretty clear on whether it is a software or hardware problem which creating the Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 issue. Please follow the resolution accordingly :

Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7

If the Dell Touchpad problem is due to Software

  1. If it started recently then check if windows automatically messed up your driver. Try to use the Roll -Back driver option
  2. In the Device Manager see if your Touchpad is recognized , if not just update your driver. We recommend you download the touchpad driver for your dell laptop model only from the official website.
  3. If latest driver from Dell does not work with Windows 7, try to find out the compatible driver from the Manufacturer website. Most probably it could be a “synaptic” or “alps” make touchpad.
  4. If none of the above solution fixes your dell touchpad problem then you could possibly try upgrading your Windows OS to either 8.1 or Windows 10. Some Dell models have been reported to not work smoothly in Windows 7.

If the Dell Touchpad problem is due to Hardware Failure

In case it is an Hardware issue, we strongly recommend you to take your laptop to qualified laptop repair store or request a laptop engineer for a home visit for a thorough check up of your Dell Laptop. It could be a case of loose connector of the Touchpad.

If you are in Rourkela, Sundargarh area, you can visit our Laptop repairing shop in Rourkela, which is also known as the best alternative the Dell Service center in Odisha.

HP pavilion keyboard not working – Rourkela Laptop Repair

So is your HP pavilion keyboard not working properly ?  HP pavilion keyboard not working is one of the most common issue with the users of HP pavilion laptops.  In this article, we will discuss about the causes and solutions to resolve HP pavilion keyboard not working problem.

HP laptop service center Rourkela

Laptop keyboards are often prone to malfunctioning and the actual reason for the improper functioning of HP pavilion keyboard varies from case to case. In this section we will discuss some of the most common reasons for HP pavilion keyboard not working as it should.

  • Physical Damage
  • Recent Windows Update
  • Bad I/O Chip
  • Loose Keyboard Connector
  • Old or Incompatible Input Driver
  • Water/Liquid Spillage on Keyboard

Solution for HP pavilion keyboard not working 

  • Check if any of your laptop keys are in pressed state. Over the time, some keys may get stuck
  • If your keyboard problem started after a recent windows update, try to uninstall the recent update one by one . If that does not help, you could also try the system restore option.
  • If upon thorough investigation you find out that your I/O chip is faulty, you can ask any laptop repair engineer to replace the Super I/O chip. ( This happens rarely and should be the last resort )
  • Check for loose connection of the Keyboard connector ( Refer Image) . It is also a good idea to clean the top of the connector with special I.P liquid
  • HP pavilion keyboard not working
  • Check if you have the latest driver for your keyboard, if not you should update your driver. It is recommended to download the driver from HP official site  and not rely on other sources. You can also roll back the driver to see if windows automatically updated  a bad driver on your windows OS.
  • Liquid spillage on keyboard can cause serious harm not only to your HP pavilion keyboard but also to the motherboard as well. In the event of water / liquid spillage turn of the laptop immediately and remove the battery. Take your laptop to a HP service center get the fixed at the earliest.

I hope this article will help you fix your HP pavilion keyboard not working issue. However if you are unable to get it resolved and live in Rourkela, Odisha, then you can visit our HP laptop repairing shop and get it repaired or replaced.

HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur – Check Availability

Checking for HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur locality? Are you someone who is looking for a decent HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur area to fix your HP laptop ? Well in this article we will let our readers know if there is really any HP service center in Hamirpur and also what are the best alternatives for cheaper HP service center in rourkela. So keep reading for accurate information regarding HP service center in Rourkela.

HP Service center in RourkelaHP laptops were introduced in India several years ago and has gradually build a name and reputation for providing quality laptops in India. HP has a wide coverage of service center in India, however like with any other company, they are often overpriced and comes with a long waiting period.

As a matter of fact, currently there are no HP service center in Hamirpur zone. However, if your laptop is not under warranty, your best option would be visit Techfix which is located at Sector 19, Rourkela.

Techfix is popularly known as the best alternative to HP Service center in Rourkela and is centrally located laptop repairing store in Rourkela, Odisha.  Techfix is capable of fixing all major and minor issues of your HP laptop in a very professional and transparent manner.

Techfix is backed with latest technology and world class repairing methodology which enables them to fix common issues on a timely manner like HP Laptop Screen replacement, HP laptop screen black , HP laptop keyboard change, HP laptop does not boot, HP laptop not starting , HP laptop broken screen and several other common problems.

Acer Service Center Rourkela in Sector 20 – Check Availablity

Are you in search of Acer service center Rourkela ? Is your acer laptop in need of service repair ? Is your laptop completely dead and does not even turn on at all or  maybe you just accidentally broke your laptop screen ? No matter what issues you have  with your Acer laptop and whether is just a regular periodic service or a emergency fix, all of it can be repaired at an acer service center.

Acer laptops are known to be durable with outstanding performance along with an affordable price tag. Acer laptops often comes with a 1 year on-site warranty, so if your laptop is under warranty, we strongly suggest you to call Acer official support number or contact them on their email to initiate a engineer visit to your home.


CALL – 9437371234

Acer has a strong presence throughout India but unfortunately there is no acer service center in Sector 20 Rourkela.

Having said that, if your laptop is not under warranty, we strongly recommend you to visit our laptop repair shop which is also popular as the best alternative to acer service center rourkela. Techfix is the name you can trust for reliability and quality service.

You can easily reach Techfix laptop service center which is located at sector 19, near Ispat Nehru Park.

Acer Service Center Rourkela

Lenovo Service Center in Rourkela Sundargarh – Information & more

Are you looking for Lenovo service center in Rourkela ? This article is particularly for those who use Lenovo laptop. If you are seeking help with your Lenovo smartphones, please go here for better suggestion.

Lenovo is one of the major brand when it comes to laptops in India. Lenovo is a Chinese multi national company which later acquired IBM and later in 2014 they acquired Motorola as well. Lenovo has a significant market share in India, thanks to strong hold within corporate and government agencies in India.

Lenovo Service Center in RourkelaNow if your Lenovo laptop is still under warranty , we strongly recommend you to contact the official representative at their official site . And if your Lenovo laptop has crossed the warranty period, then you must continue to read this article. If you act wise, you can easily save a lot of money just by following our advice.

It is no more a secret that repairing your lenovo laptop at a qualified laptop repairing center is much more better than shelling out your hard earned money in a service center. Service center has always been expensive and they have their own reason for that.

If you live anywhere within Sundargarh district, the best thing you can do is visit our rourkela laptop service center located at Sector -19. Techfix is known as the best alternative to lenovo service center in rourkela and Sundargarh district.

Asus Service Center KoelNagar Rourkela – Is there one available ?

Are you looking for Asus service center Koelnagar Rourkela ? In this age of busy schedule, time plays an important role in choosing the Asus service center in your locality. If you live in rourkela or even close to rourkela, then this article is for you.

Asus service center over the past several years keep changing their location  and even their phone numbers without prior notice. I guess it is same with most other brands and I  wont be discussing about which brand is better than ASUS. Having said that, Asus makes some great products and laptop is one of their major products that has substantial market share.

asus service center koelnagar rourkela

If your Asus laptop is not working properly or has become non-functional, it is advisable to visit an asus service center and let the laptop repair engineers diagnose your problem and solve your issue accordingly and within a agreeable time frame. However if your laptop is NOT under warranty, you must try some reliable post warranty asus service center, this way you could save a lot of money and time.

Checking with the latest records about Asus service center in rourkela, we can see there is no Koelnagar area.  Having said that, if you are looking for the best alternative for Asus service center in Kolenagar, we suggest you try us.

Techfix is strategically located at Sector 19, Rourkela which is only 4 kms from KoelNagar and is easily accessible by roads.  You can also take the help of Google Map to find our laptop repairing center in rourkela.

For any assistance, you can also call us at 94373731234

Dell xps 13 bios file – Dell service center Rourkela alternative

Dell xps 13 bios bin file 100 % free download and use. In case your laptop is dead or acting weird because of corrupt or inaccurate bios then the only thing you have to do is to write the supported matching bios dump file to your current bios chip.
Here is the specification of Dell XPS 13 and why we love it so much…

  • Intel Core i7-8550U CPU
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Screen Display size is 13.3. 14 inch would have been  better though
  • Dual fan to keep control over heating issue

Dell xps 13 is a powerful laptop and still a favorite among many of my co workers at the office.
Here on our web page you will see the newest as well as most up to date bios file absolutely free of cost.
Dell xps 13 bios unlock may well also be performed by flashing the bios file on the bios chip. If you happen to don’t identify or even remember the bios password then you can definitely take advantage of this technique to unlock bios password for Dell xps 13.

If you have any issues with your dell xps 13 laptop and is unable to fix it on your own, you can visit us at our dell laptop repairing service center
Dell xps 13 bios

Dell r730 bios dump file – Dell Service Center Rourkela Alternative

Dell r730 bios bin file is available for download and use without any restriction. If your Dell r730 laptop is completely dead or is not booting or even showing black screen on startup, this could be a case of bad or corrupt bios file. In such a scenario, it is often seen that using a working bios file of exact dell model has fixed this issue. However finding a working dump file for your specific laptop model could be a cumbersome task. Most websites often ask for certain amount of payment to allow you to download Dell r730 bios bin dump file.

But here at Techfix , we have a large internal community of laptop repairing experts who share their real experience at repairing dell laptops and also share real working dell laptop bios so readers of this website can also be benefited.

Dell r730 bios unlock is also performed by flashing the bios file on your bios chip. If you don’t know or even remember the bios password then you could use this technique to unlock bios password for Dell r730.

If you need further assistance with this , do visit our laptop repairing shop which is also knows and the best alternative to dell service center in rourkela.

dell r730 bios

Dell inspiron 1545 bios File – Dell service center Rourkela Alternative

Dell inspiron 1545 bios bin file no cost download and use. If your laptop is dead or maybe performing weird mainly because of damaged or wrong bios then the only thing you must actually do is to write the verified suitable bios dump file to your bios chip.
Here in this blog one can find the latest and most up to date bios file completely free of cost.
Specification :

  • CPU -Intel Pentium T4200 Dual Core
  • Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset
  • 3GB RAM DDR2
  • 15.6 screen size
  • Intel Graphics Processor
  • 250 GB HDD
  • 1 Year Warranty

Dell inspiron 1545 bios unlock could also be performed by flashing the bios file on your bios chip. If you happen to don’t know or even remember the bios password then you could make use of this method to unlock bios password for Dell inspiron 1545. Alternatively you can visit your nearest dell service center for repair assistance.

dell inspiron 1545 bios