Dell Service Center Kalunga – Dell Service Center Alternative

Looking for for Dell Service Center Kalunga ? Are you currently working somewhere around Rourkela or Kalunga and would love to fix the laptop at the best possible dell service center ? If your latpop is under warranty, we suggest you to check the warranty status on the official dell website and if you are sure that your laptop is NOT under warranty then this article is for you.

Based on the information available on the official Dell website , there is no Dell service center in Kalunga but you do not have to worry at all.  Techfix, Laptop Service & Repair which is just a few kms from Kalunga area and you can reach them in less than an hour.

Dell Service Center Kalunga

Techfix can easily service the DELL Laptop regardless of the kind of trouble you may have. TechFix Laptop service center provides a 30 days warranty on all its major repair performed on DELL Laptops. AT Techfix you may even repair the damaged DELL laptop ac adapter, DELL laptop motherboard, DELL laptop Keyboard and DELL Laptop lcd panel. Some of the usual problems that users of DELL laptops have to face is slow processing, wifi issue, sound missing, booting failure or arbitrary restart as well as DELL laptop totally dead. All these problems have already been effectively repaired by TechFix Technicians.

If you are facing issues with finding Dell Service Center in Kalunga , You can either use their live chat option which can be found here or use multi -brand laptop repairing shop like Techfix .