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Ok so you are looking for for HP service center in rourkela Jhirpani? Or is it that you are living in Jhirpani, Rourkela and wants to fix your HP Laptop at the nearest possible place? If you are looking for the best altrnative to HP service center in Rourkela, then you have come to the right place.

Jhirpani is a great place to live if you are in Rourkela. Jhirpani is well connected to the main city from various location with big wide roads. Jhirpani is close to all major food joints, schools, hospitals and NIT . However there is not HP service center in rourkela Jhirpani nevertheless you may possibly visit TechFix which happens to be merely 5 Kms from Rourkela Jhirpani area and once could easily reach their rourkela laptop service centre either within minutes.

HP Service center in Rourkela JhirPani
HP Service center in Rourkela

Techfix will be able to repair your HP Laptop irrespective of the kind of problem your laptop is currently encountering. . TechFix Rourkela also provide thirty days warranty on all its major repair performed on HP Laptops. AT Techfix you can also upgrade your damaged HP hard Disk Drive, re-install windows, HP laptop ac adapter, HP laptop motherboard, HP laptop Keyboard and also HP Laptop Display screen. Some of the typical issues that users of HP notebooks encounter is slow processing, wi-fi issue, speaker missing, booting problem or casual restart and even HP laptop totally dead. These kinds of issues have already been successfully repaired by TechFix Engineers.

You will find the full address on our contact us page or just call 9437371234.