Lenovo Service Center Rourkela- IdeaPad 110 Bios file

Lenovo is one of the popular brands for Laptop in India. In Rourkela, we do have an authorized service center but once your warranty is over, it will be a very costly affair to repair your laptop at any such laptop service center in Rourkela, or anywhere else in Odisha for that matter. Techfix is the best alternative to Lenovo Service Center Rourkela.

Lenovo Service Center Rourkela
Lenovo Service Center Rourkela

Recently we received a dead Lenovo IdeaPad 110 laptop at our TechFix laptop service center in rourkela. The said laptop belonged to one of the students of NIT Rourkela and her studies were getting hampered due to her Lenovo laptop not working. Nowadays student rely on their laptop quite a lot to complete their studies and also to gather knowledge on various topics beyond their academic syllabus.

During our diagnosis process we found that the laptop actually starts fine, however there was no display on Lenovo Ideapad 110. The fan was running fine, the CPU was also getting hot at it should . This particular model has non removable battery and comes with a built-in RAM. So if you are ever doing a lenovo laptop repair task, don’t get confused when you don’t find the conventional ram stick .

During our Troubleshooting we found that one of the capacitor around the RAM section was short to ground,however it still did not fix the lenovo laptop display issue. Sometimes removing the battery connector from the board does help you get back display but not in this particular case. Then we moved on to the bios section and removed the BIOS chip with the help of SMD rework station. We reflashed the Bios CHIP with a matching bios file and finally we were able to repair lenovo ideapad 110 latpop display problem. If you want to use the bios file , you can download it from here