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Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 – TechFix Laptop Repair Center

Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7? Well this a common problem with Dell laptops. Dell users are prone to touchpad issue with windows 7 as their operating system. In this article we will try to help you find the cause of Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 and how also to resolve it.

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Touchpad is an integral and important part of a laptop and without it, you won’t be able to work on your laptop properly. Although you can attach an external usb mouse and temporarily manage until your Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 is not fixed, but it is not always feasible to carry the usb or wireless mouse with you in every time.

While there could be several reasons why your Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7, and its impossible to list them all, we will share with our readers, the most common causes for failure of Dell touch pad in Windows 7

The first thing we need to do is to figure out whether it is a software related issue or and hardware failure. The easiest way to do so go to boot into safe-mode and see if your dell Touchpad works properly or not.  If it does, then we can now be sure that is an Windows 7 issue. If the touchpad does not work even in safe mode,the next step is to reboot your laptop and access your BIOS on boot.  If the Dell touchpad works fine in BIOS but not once you boot to windows 7 then it is quite evident that it is an driver or compatibility issue.

By now we should be pretty clear on whether it is a software or hardware problem which creating the Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7 issue. Please follow the resolution accordingly :

Dell laptop touchpad not working windows 7

If the Dell Touchpad problem is due to Software

  1. If it started recently then check if windows automatically messed up your driver. Try to use the Roll -Back driver option
  2. In the Device Manager see if your Touchpad is recognized , if not just update your driver. We recommend you download the touchpad driver for your dell laptop model only from the official website.
  3. If latest driver from Dell does not work with Windows 7, try to find out the compatible driver from the Manufacturer website. Most probably it could be a “synaptic” or “alps” make touchpad.
  4. If none of the above solution fixes your dell touchpad problem then you could possibly try upgrading your Windows OS to either 8.1 or Windows 10. Some Dell models have been reported to not work smoothly in Windows 7.

If the Dell Touchpad problem is due to Hardware Failure

In case it is an Hardware issue, we strongly recommend you to take your laptop to qualified laptop repair store or request a laptop engineer for a home visit for a thorough check up of your Dell Laptop. It could be a case of loose connector of the Touchpad.

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