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HP pavilion keyboard not working – Rourkela Laptop Repair

So is your HP pavilion keyboard not working properly ?  HP pavilion keyboard not working is one of the most common issue with the users of HP pavilion laptops.  In this article, we will discuss about the causes and solutions to resolve HP pavilion keyboard not working problem.

HP laptop service center Rourkela

Laptop keyboards are often prone to malfunctioning and the actual reason for the improper functioning of HP pavilion keyboard varies from case to case. In this section we will discuss some of the most common reasons for HP pavilion keyboard not working as it should.

  • Physical Damage
  • Recent Windows Update
  • Bad I/O Chip
  • Loose Keyboard Connector
  • Old or Incompatible Input Driver
  • Water/Liquid Spillage on Keyboard

Solution for HP pavilion keyboard not working 

  • Check if any of your laptop keys are in pressed state. Over the time, some keys may get stuck
  • If your keyboard problem started after a recent windows update, try to uninstall the recent update one by one . If that does not help, you could also try the system restore option.
  • If upon thorough investigation you find out that your I/O chip is faulty, you can ask any laptop repair engineer to replace the Super I/O chip. ( This happens rarely and should be the last resort )
  • Check for loose connection of the Keyboard connector ( Refer Image) . It is also a good idea to clean the top of the connector with special I.P liquid
  • HP pavilion keyboard not working
  • Check if you have the latest driver for your keyboard, if not you should update your driver. It is recommended to download the driver from HP official site  and not rely on other sources. You can also roll back the driver to see if windows automatically updated  a bad driver on your windows OS.
  • Liquid spillage on keyboard can cause serious harm not only to your HP pavilion keyboard but also to the motherboard as well. In the event of water / liquid spillage turn of the laptop immediately and remove the battery. Take your laptop to a HP service center get the fixed at the earliest.

I hope this article will help you fix your HP pavilion keyboard not working issue. However if you are unable to get it resolved and live in Rourkela, Odisha, then you can visit our HP laptop repairing shop and get it repaired or replaced.

HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur – Check Availability

Checking for HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur locality? Are you someone who is looking for a decent HP Service center in Rourkela Hamirpur area to fix your HP laptop ? Well in this article we will let our readers know if there is really any HP service center in Hamirpur and also what are the best alternatives for cheaper HP service center in rourkela. So keep reading for accurate information regarding HP service center in Rourkela.

HP Service center in RourkelaHP laptops were introduced in India several years ago and has gradually build a name and reputation for providing quality laptops in India. HP has a wide coverage of service center in India, however like with any other company, they are often overpriced and comes with a long waiting period.

As a matter of fact, currently there are no HP service center in Hamirpur zone. However, if your laptop is not under warranty, your best option would be visit Techfix which is located at Sector 19, Rourkela.

Techfix is popularly known as the best alternative to HP Service center in Rourkela and is centrally located laptop repairing store in Rourkela, Odisha.  Techfix is capable of fixing all major and minor issues of your HP laptop in a very professional and transparent manner.

Techfix is backed with latest technology and world class repairing methodology which enables them to fix common issues on a timely manner like HP Laptop Screen replacement, HP laptop screen black , HP laptop keyboard change, HP laptop does not boot, HP laptop not starting , HP laptop broken screen and several other common problems.