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Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela – Price & Replacement Tips

Want to know all the options available for Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela  ? In this Article we share all the information about Laptop Keyboard Repair in Rourkela and also what precautions one should take to make sure laptop keyboard keep working for a longer period.

When to go for Laptop Keyboard Repair ?

When some or all keys on your laptop keyboard is not working, its time to go for a laptop keyboard repair service. Please consult a certified technician before you purchase a laptop keyboard because if all the keys are not working, it could well be a case of faulty I/O controller chip. Its best to get it diagnosed properly before making any decision. If your keyboard works at the Bios level but not on windows then it is a software issue which can be solved very easily without the need of any kind of keyboard repair.

What is the cost for Laptop Keyboard Repair ? 

The cost of laptop keyboard repair could be anywhere in between 200 to 1600. If it is just a key or two that are stuck or not functioning properly then in most cases it can be repaired under Rs 300. If the keyboard needs to replaced with a new compatible laptop keyboard then it can cost somewhere around 1000 to 1600 depending on the laptop model.

Where to go for laptop keyboard replacement or repair ?

You can visit us at our store . Techfix is centrally located in city of rourkela. so it is easily reachable from all corners of the city. Our laptop repairing centre address is as :
laptop keyboard repairTechFix
Shop No : BS-37
Ispat Central Market
Sector -19
Near SBI bank
Contact Number : 9437371234


What are the tips to maintain your Laptop Keyboard ?

If you use your laptop at home or at office for a long time regularly then it is always a good idea to attached a USB external keyboard. This way you can preserve your laptop internal keyboard for a very long time and use it when needed. Laptop keyboards are prone to wear and tear. Always ensure that dust do not accumulate inside and beneath your keys which could result in non-functional or stuck keys. And lastly never spill any kind of liquid on your laptop keyboard. No water, no coffee, no cola nothing  on your laptop keyboard if you want to keep your laptop keyboard to function properly.